Korea-Israel Innovation Day
Lighthouse Program” Launch Conference
- Smart Robotics -

Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (KORIL-RDF) is holding the Korea-Israel Innovation Day to launch a new strategic program, “Lighthouse Program” which is open for Korean and Israeli companies, research institution and researchers from the fields of smart robotics. The objective of Lighthouse Program is to combine forces – Industry and Academia – in joint R&D to achieve a significant breakthrough in the field of Smart Robotics especially in following sub-sectors in which both countries possess complementary skills & R&D demands: Logistics, Agriculture & Livestock, Robots for Domestic use, and Health. There will be professional lectures, round table discussions among invited companies & academia speakers from Korea and Israel, and on-site B2B meetings between Korean and Israeli companies. The highlight of the Conference is the launch of a new collaboration “Lighthouse Program” and the first call for proposal with a focus on the field of smart robotics in several segments.

- Date: Tue. 12 April 2022
- Venue: Peres Center for Peace & Innovation
- Co-Host: Israel Innovation Authority, Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
- Organizer: Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (KORIL-RDF)
- Participants: Companies, Universities, Research Institutes from both countries
- (Attendees from Korea) Korean Industrial Delegation (Approx.50 selected participants from industry, policy makers, universities, research institutes, government)
Criteria of the program:
• Must be in one of the following subjects in Robotics: Logistics, Agriculture & Livestock, Domestic (including assistive care), and Health-Tech.

• Must have at least one research institute and one industrial company from each side. a Max. of 3 entities from each side
• The total budget for the consortium is 8M USD
• Grant for the consortium is up to 66% of the total budget, up to 5.3M USD. Max. grant each year is 1.5M USD
• Total project duration is between 2-4 years
• Research institutes/Academia a sub-contractor. Max of 30% of the company's budget.
• At least 30% of the total budget must be spent in Israel/Korea
• The relevant TRL stages for the project are from 3/4 to 7/8

(In summary)
Lighthouse program
Method Top-down + Bottom-up
Sector Robotics in chosen sub-segments:
Logistics, Agri Livestock, Domestic(Including assistive care), and Health Tech
Eligibility Industry-academia consortium (2 or 3) x (2 or 3)
No more than 6 entities in total (Academy as a partner in the consortium up to 30% of the budget)
Period of project 2~4 years
Grant size 66% of the total budget
Max. 5.3 million USD
Max. 1.5M each year
Total project budget, including matching -8M USD
Proposal Evaluation On-site interview by local evaluator(s) final decision by Board
Reports Extended Interim/Final reports In 4 periods
Royalty 2.5% of gross sales until 100% of the grant received
TRL TRL 3/4-7/8

Korea: Steve Choi, Principal Industry Analyst
Phone: +82-6009-8245, E-mail: smchoi@koril.org
Israel: Hadar Zax, Israel Manager
Phone: +972-3-5118143, E-mail: Hadar.Zax@innovationisrael.org.il